Calculator Touch


The Power of Handwriting

No Clutter, no searching, simply write your Equations. The Calculator Touch uses an Innovative new Handwriting recognition system that enables you to write your Calculations with ease and speed beyond any other smartphone App available.


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Find the right Look for you



Live Calculation
Get instant results while entering calculation

Handwriting Recognition
Use our powerful handwriting recognition system. Write on top of the Keypad to enter Operators and Numbers.

Unit Converters
Convert calculation results or values using built-in converters. Available converters include Area, Distance, Angle, Mass, Speed, Frequency, Data, Storage, Temperature, Volume, Time, Power and Pressure.

Live Currency Converter
Using Live API Data, convert using current currency rates.

Auto-close Equation in Brackets
Quickly enclose equation in brackets by entering a closing bracket  ) .

Find your Perfect Look
Choose between different Themes. New themes are added regularly.

Erase Equation
Simply erase your entire equation by long-pressing anywhere on the keypad.

All results are automatically saved and can be accessed by swiping down from the top.  

Expand more Options
Swipe up from top to reveal more features. More features include manual operator buttons (+ − × /), convert button and recognized symbols button.

Upcoming Features

Overlay Calculation
Overlay Calculator on top of other applications.

Mini Spreadsheet
Label numbers as variables and link them to create numerical plans (financial plans etc).

Quick Convert
Use handwriting gestures to convert faster. Example: 154 gesture( $ in €).